Karen's private clinic is based in Brighton at The Dolphin House.  She also runs corporate workshops.  For bookings, send an email to

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Keep up to date with Karen's blog The Alchemist on her Alchemy Organic Super Blends site here including news of Karen's latest events and Workshops.

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Alchemy Organic Super Blends

Karen is founder of Alchemy Organic Super Blends.  She created these organic, vegan, plant protein and superfood blends for her patient health needs that she most saw in her practice...they are nutritional therapy in a pouch!

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What nutritional therapy means to me

Diet and lifestyle are in my opinion have the most profound effect on our health.  Health is also not the absence of disease but the feeling of energy and vitality.

When was the last time you felt refreshed on waking?  If I can help my patient;s feel more energised and hungry in the morning, then I know I am part of the way there.

I work a lot with women with hormone issues and children, especially those with learning difficulties.  Common issues I work with in prctice include sleep issues, patients you are tired all the time, hormone and skin issues, sport's performance, food intolerance and gut issues.