5 ways to combat stress

The fight or flight stress response is the primary response for both women and men but behaviourally the female response follows the pattern of ‘tend and befriend’. Meaning that women are more likely to promote safety, reducing distress and the creation and maintenance of social networks to aid that process.  I wanted to share some tips on how best to nourish ourselves during times of stress…

1.  Keep blood sugar balanced – highs then lows will increase the level of cortisol in the body (the stress hormone).

2. Keep caffeine to a minimum – we’re all individual so respond differently to caffeine but on the whole the more we drink the less restful our sleep.

3.  Increase your intake of Vit C – depleted during times of stress and not stored well in the body.   Our stress busting Energy Elixir has 200% of our daily RDA for this reason.

4.  Keep your nutrient levels up – make those smoothies or boost your porridge with added nuts, seeds, spices and grated apple (lots of Autumn recipes now on the website).

5.  Even if you THINK about being stressed this can start the fight or flight reaction.  The mind is so important to nourish too with yoga, breathing techniques and mindfulness.  So often conventional medicine regards the mind as separate but more and more research shows how the brain can affect our hormones and immune system.