6 desk bound healthful snacks

I work from home a lot and know only too well the temptation of the snack cupboard!  Office working too can also place a strain on our snack intake due to boredom or tea making rituals or birthday cakes being brought in!  Here are my simple ways to optimise those snacks to help curb our hunger and help keep us energised for longer:

1.  Swap biscuits for protein based snacks such as falafel – minimising sugar helps keep those blood sugar rollercoasters at bay.  Falafel is full of protein and good fats that keep cravings at bay. Other high protein/low GI snacks include a chicken drumstick, energy balls (see our recipe using our Energy Elixir or brands such as Deliciously Ella or Bounce Balls), oatcakes with nut butter or a dip like hummus or babaganoush, a pot of coconut or almond yogurt (Coyo is good here and Nush) or a handful of nuts can also help.

2.  Swap a cup of tea or coffee for a sachet of miso soup – the uname taste helps to keep us satisfied until lunch and minimises caffeine intake…which I often say only keeps you going until the next one!

3.  Drink a glass of water – sometimes we think we are hungry but in fact we are thirsty.

4.  Trail mix with dark chocolate nibs is perfect to help with that 3pm slump – a little bitter chocolate helps increase those endorphins to keep you going through the afternoon!