Corporate Work

In the UK the amount of days leave taken due to stress, anxiety and depression last year were 12.5 million! My Lunch & Learns aim to improve company happiness, vitality and productivity through the power of food. Before training to become a nutritionist, I spent many years in the corporate world. I understand only too well the long hours and stress it involves; albeit hugely fun at times! My Lunch and Learn sessions have been designed with the busy work day in mind. I pack as much nutritional intel on a given topic into 1 hour, to minimise precious time and work/life commitments. They’re designed around common issues I see most often in my practice, as well as those I’ve experienced in the corporate world. Here are some of the clients I currently work with:

“Karen has been coming to our office in London to speak with our staff about healthier snack options, cooking on a budget and eating the right foods to help increase our energy levels. The sessions have been fantastic and our staff have really engaged with them. We are looking forward to Karen returning again with more useful nutritional info!” Stephanie – Portland

“Karen is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. She came to our office to speak with employees about healthier snacking alternatives and their benefits. Everyone that attended the session felt inspired and requested that we bring Karen back as a regular part of our wellness initiative. Overall, Karen is an absolute pleasure to work with.” Ew – Teads.TV

“Karen visited us for a learning lunch session at Brilliant Noise HQ. It was excellent! Informative, inspiring, interactive, and most importantly – in human terms. Karen has a great way of explaining complex behaviours and sciences in an accessible way that meant we all took away heaps of information. We were also provided with a handy cheat sheet and food ideas after the session. As a result of just one hour with Karen, we’ve already made huge changes to how we look at wellness in the office, with many people reporting improvement in their day to day energy and wellbeing. ” Lizzie Boyd, People and Culture Manager, Brilliant Noise