Natural Menopause Clinic

Welcome to my specialist natural solutions to menopause clinic. I’ve worked with hundreds of women experiencing menopausal symptoms over the past 10 years. My specialist menopause clinic combines nutrition and lifestyle changes that help to reduce common menopause symptoms. These include sleep problems, mood changes, hot flushes, weight gain and anxiety.

We spend a third of our lives post menopause!

In my specialist clinic, I help women with common symptoms of the menopause get back on an even keel. Nutrition not only helps rebalance our hormones but it also helps optimise our vitaility for the next stage of our lives.

Menopause is a part of our lives as women – not a deficiency disease!

Why do we suffer with menopause symptoms such as low mood, irritability, weight gain, anxiety and fatigue? And why do hot flushes, the most common symptom of the menopause, effect 70–80% of women in Europe but only 18% in China? The answer: because of diet.

My specialist natural menopause clinic packages are in 2 forms – 90 Day Midlife Reset or my 60 Day Midlife Booster

90 Day Midlife Reset

6 x 1 hour nutritional therapy coaching sessions over 8 weeks. My gold standard nutritional therapy coaching package – to help support you through your midlife reset! It includes an initial session where I create a tailored programme for you plus 5 additional nutritional therapy coaching sessions to help you bring about meaningful and sustainable change. My aim is always to help patients find a renewed vitality ready for the next half of your life! It’s all about REALISITIC shifts. You will still be able to function in the real world I promise! The focus is on allowing yourself to make change that benefit you.

This is a great option for longterm weight loss and to help reduce the additional often uncomfortable symptoms at peri menopause and beyond. The coaching sessions include menu planning–weekly food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and links to recipes via the free Whisk app which allows you to create shopping lists and add to your weekly online shop (I also link with food delivery services like The Mindful Chef and Gousto to tailor their menu to you too) plus a weekly food diary check in (no marks out of 10 I promise!) and further deep dives into topics which include:

  • Why diets don’t work – how to lose weight especially around the middle without the need for calorie counting
  • How to stop the cravings
  • The benefits of fasting on insulin sensitivity and weight loss
  • Emotional eating and ways to feel more on an even keel
  • How to become a Mindful Eater
  • Stress resilience – foods to help blunt the stress response so we can adapt to what life throws at us!
  • The impact of caffeine, sugar, processed foods and alcohol on sleep, energy, our gut and our weight (especially stubborn weight round the middle)
  • Hormone balancing to help peri menopause symptoms – are you oestrogen dominant?
  • How to get rid of hormone disruptors including xenooestrogens in our kitchen utensils and beauty products.
  • How to reduce mood swings
  • Better skin, stronger hair and nails
  • We are what we digest – how to optimise digestion
  • How to sleep better – sleep rituals to help get us into rest and repair mode
  • Kitchen cupboard refresh – for you and your household too
  • Understanding food labels to help you shop smart
  • How to eat sustainably
  • How to eat more plants
  • How to read food labels to help you shop smarter
  • A reconnection with cooking

60 Day Midlife Booster:

  1. The initial 1hr health check consultation assesses hormone balance, including oestrogen dominance and stress levels (lifeload).
  2. I create a natural menopause programme with food, herbs and supplements specific to your menopause symptoms and unique health needs.
  3. 2 x nutritional therapy coaching sessions as above, over 60 days to help sustainable change happen.

For costs or to book a free 15 minute taster session, email me at karen@karennewby.com

I also run regular specialist natural menopause city retreats at The Ginger Pig and Tilton House. Post covid, more will follow!