Natural Menopause Clinic

Welcome to my specialist natural solutions to menopause clinic. I’ve worked with hundreds of women experiencing menopausal symptoms over the past 10 years. My specialist menopause clinic combines nutrition and lifestyle changes that help to reduce common menopause symptoms. These include sleep problems, mood changes, hot flushes, weight gain and anxiety.

We spend a third of our lives post menopause!

In my specialist clinic, I help women with common symptoms of the menopause get back on an even keel. Nutrition not only helps rebalance our hormones but it also helps optimise our vitaility for the next stage of our lives.

Menopause is a part of our lives as women – not a deficiency disease!

Why do we suffer with menopause symptoms such as low mood, irritability, weight gain, anxiety and fatigue? And why do hot flushes, the most common symptom of the menopause, effect 70–80% of women in Europe but only 18% in China? The answer: because of diet.

My specialist natural menopause clinic follows a 3 part programme:

  1. The initial 1hr health check consultation assesses hormone balance, including oestrogen dominance and stress levels (lifeload).
  2. I create a natural menopause programme with food, herbs and supplements specific to your menopause symptoms and unique health needs.
  3. Follow up 1hr session after 3 weeks.

For costs and to book your first session, email me at karen@karennewby.com

I also run regular specialist natural menopause city retreats at The Ginger Pig and Tilton House. Post covid, more will follow!