Natural Menopause Remote Retreat – join me on Friday 29th January

As much as we’d love the menopause to be a positive transition, if you’re suffering with night sweats, brain fog, extreme fatigue or simply don’t like what you see in the mirror it’s not going to be a positive as you’d like it to be!

Join me for a morning of troubleshooting symptoms of peri menopause and beyond, bringing you back onto an even keel so that you can enjoy this next stage with renewed vitality. The session will be recorded for those who need to dip out.

I will be focusing on WHY we suffer with symptoms such as hot flushes, low mood, irritability, weight gain (especially round the middle), anxiety, brain fog and low libido. How do these drops in oestrogen and progesterone affect our brain function too. The session will also include a Stress Test, a Brain Test and a stomach acid test so you can get some individual analysis too.

The morning remote retreat will include:

What is going on at peri-menopause?

How stress and lifestyle affects us. Finding balance.

What do I need to eat?

Troubleshooting – spotlight on foods & supplements for specific symptoms including hot flashes, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain round the middle and brain fog.

9am to 12pm. £45. Book your place here.