Reset this February for lasting change

Over 4 weeks starting in February (Covid Tier dependent!) myself and Lucy Pinto, PT and The Box Founder, will take you through a series of resets to shake off 2020 and to help supercharge your energy levels and help you feel stronger ready to deal with what 2021 throws at us! There will be 2 cohorts running on Tuesdays or Saturdays at The Box Brighton, each week will include a strength training session followed by a nutrition talk by myself. Here are the details for each week…

1. How to reconnect to what we eat / Strength training for all ages

For many of us we have become so distanced from nature and what we eat. This session looks at how to mindfully eat to help improve our digestive health and nutrient intake. We are what we digest not what we eat after all!

2. Why calorie counting doesn’t work / LISS V’s HIIT why HIIT training could be detrimental to your long term health

We go on average 4 diets a year and as soon as we come off them the weight goes back on. This session looks at all the different reasons why we might not be losing weight (especially that stubborn weight around the middle) as well as foods to add into our diet to help long term change…without the need for calorie counting!  

3. Resilience foods / Building Power and confidence

The session will cover foods to help lift our mood and to build resilience. It will also look at how to keep our vitality up and adapt to all that life throws at us!  

4. How to sleep better / Time restricted workouts 

Sleep is an essential part of rest and recovery, often overlooked in training programmes. Do you wake up feeling even more exhausted? Is anxiety taking hold and creating that wired and tried before bed feeling? In this session I will be discussing simple food and lifestyle interventions that can help, as well as the impact of lack of sleep on the immune system. 

Early bird tickets £140 (normal price £160). Book you space here.