Store cupboard superfoods

It seems so very strange to be writing a list of foods to stock up on should we face a stint of complete lockdown. What very strange times we’re living in! So here is my list, in no way complete, but just some of my favourite (longlife) superfoods. I know there is a lot of talk about how there isn’t specific foods that help optimise your immune system and that a ‘balanced diet’ (whatever that means) will be fine (from the British Dietetics Association), but I disagree! Immune system nutrition is a thing IMHO!

1. Pulses of any kind. Tinned fine or dried – we have time at home now to put them into soak! Great for lentil Shepherdless pie, bean chillis, veggie burritos, lentils with baked eggs, falafels, chickpea burgers, hummus.

2. Root veg keeps well and sweet potatoes, and squash are full of beta carotene for vit A (good for the immune system especially lungs and nose).

3. Onions to be popped into everything you make! Lots of beneficial fibre for our gut and nature’s anti histamine for those of you about to get hayfever (sorry!).

4. Anti bacterial garlic – add to everything! Also a great source of Vit C.

5. Rice noodles, gluten free pasta, rice, bulgar wheat, oats, pearl barley all less glutenous and easier to digest than normal pasta. For those with coeliac opt for rice, corn, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa if you can’t find any GF pasta or the humble spud!

6. Oatly oat milk – longlife and great for porridge and in your tea.

7. Lizis low sugar granola and oats for brekkie.

8. Natural yogurt and Sojade soya yogurts all have a pretty good shelf life.

9. Kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi for our guts (2 thirds of your immune system is here!).

10. Limes, oranges, lemons (not just for your gin people!). If you have bananas keep them out of the fruit bowl as they over ripen your precious other fruits.

11. Frozen fruit and veg of all kinds. Longer life fresh fruit/veg includes apples, peppers, aubergine, celery. Ginger for immune boosting tea.

12. Buy a fresh mint, parsley, coriander and basil plant – can almost be planted in a pot outside now for cut and come again herbs.

13. Freeze your chicken stock or veg stock. I also like the Kallo Mushroom Bouillon.

14. Spices I use most often: cinnamon (for porridge), cumin, turmeric, coriander, fennel seeds, cardamon, cayenne pepper, paprika, smoked paprika, dried chillis and bayleaves.

15. Nuts and seeds of all kinds (except peanuts), and their butter equivalents. Ground linseed. I like Infinity’s Trail Mix too.