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30 servings per pack BBE Mar 2020

Naturopathic energy booster

Energy Elixir contains 5 organic nutrient-dense whole foods aimed at helping your body feel more energised and able to deal with stress. The blend is a rich source of vitamin C, iron, plant proteins and the stress ‘adaptogen’ Maca designed to work with your body naturopathically without the need for stimulants.


Baobab, pea protein, maca, chlorella & camu camu


Contains naturally occuring sulphites.

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Be transformed by Energy Elixir’s 5 organic nutrient-dense whole foods. This sumptuous blend of vegan plant protein and energising super nutrients can be taken in the morning or before a workout. It contains over 200% of your daily vitamin C requirement, so a good immune booster too.  It also contains iron rich chlorella, iron is known to help with fatigue along with the ‘adaptogen’ Maca.  Maca was taken by Inca warriors before they went into battle to help with strength and stamina making Energy Elixir a useful pre-workout too. 

Alchemy Organic Super Blends are balanced combinations of the highest quality plant-based nutrients to give you the very best nature has to offer. Formulated by our expert nutritionist, they combine the health benefits of some of the world’s most nutrient-rich plants.

100% organic with no added fillers, flavours or preservatives, sugar or stevia.


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1 review for Energy Elixir

  1. Sunny Jennings

    I normally use pre-gym and as an afternoon pick-me-up. I normally would try and eat before the gym and would end up feeling too heavy, but this is a great boost especially if you’re up early and don’t want to be eating at that time! Otherwise, I also keep in my handbag and by my desk, as I used to reach for a cake/ biscuit at teatime but find this gives me a much better boost which keeps me productive for the rest of the afternoon.

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