40+ Women’s Hormone Balancing Day Retreat – 3 October 2019

Menopause is often connected with a ‘turning point’ in life – a sense that what now follows will be different from what went before. This is referred to by the Japanese as having an awareness of ‘fu shi me’, ie a defined mental outlook.

So why do we at this time want to divorce our husbands, want to send our children to boarding school (for all the year), start to suffer with panic attacks, weight gain round the middle and have zero libido?

It’s all down to the beautiful orchestra that is our hormones. And two in particular. The far reaching effects of oestrogen and progesterone.

During my next Day retreat at the beautiful Tilton House, I will be focusing on WHY we suffer with symptoms such as low mood, irritability, weight gain (especially round the middle), anxiety, brain fog and low libido. How does this drop in oestrogen and progesterone affect our brain function? Why do hot flushes, the most common symptom of the menopause, effect 70–80% of women in Europe but only 18% in China and 14% in Singapore? The answer: diet.

I’ll be look at what foods are key to combat symptoms and to bring us back to an even keel. I also be sharing some of my favourite supplements for this time of life too.

The day will also include a 2 course nutrient dense plant based lunch by Planted and a take home bag of gifts to start you on your ‘fu shi me’ new path.

930am for a 10am start to 4pm at Tilton House, Lewes Road, Firle BN8 6LL.

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