Menopause Clinicians

I work with a number of specialists in my menopause clinic.

Women’s Health Sussex

As a complementary practitioner I work with women on HRT or those that are going the natural route. I work with Dr Olivia Hum from Women’s Health Sussex who is a GP and menopause specialist. We have a number of packages available for consultations with us both to support your menopause journey from both route. £425 for a one off session with both of us plus two emails. £555 for a one off session with Dr Olivia Hum with two emails, and 3 hour sessions with myself. £815 for a one off session with Dr Olivia Hum with two emails, and 6 hour sessions with myself.


Jo Darling, Acupuncturist

Jo specialises in women’s health from fertility, through pregnancy, into menopause and during and after cancer treatment.

She’s passionate about natural medicine and has helped 100’s of women live healthier happier lives. Her work with her cancer patients inspired her to seek natural, side effect free solutions for menopausal issues. She created the Menopoised Menopause Magnet an acupuncture inspired product based on the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine. The magnet is placed on an acupuncture point used for thousands of years to clear heat int the body. In trials, it’s been proven to reduce the intensity and/or frequency of hot flushes and/or night sweats in 80% of women.


The Good Sleep Clinic

Menopause itself is often the trigger for sleep disturbances, particularly if you experience hot flushes or anxiety. But once triggered, sleep problems can often take on a life of their own, forming an unhelpful haibt of poor sleep. The Good Sleep Clinic uses an evidence-based approach to treating insomnia is the most effective route to rediscovering good quality sleep and improved wellbeing.


The Light Technique

Katie Light is a holistic facialist, NLP practitoner and Reiki master. She has developed the Light Technique, a holistic 360° approach, guiding and supporting you on a transformation journey to emotional and physical wellness. The Light Technique is a unique combination of wellness therapies, using different approaches to empower each individual throughout their personal and professional lives. Resetting the mindset and connecting body, mind and emotions, creating emotional and physical wellness.


Lisa Cory – Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Lisa specialises in holistic, solution focused coaching, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. The natural power of your own mind is used to relieve symptoms and alter unwanted behaviour patterns. We have between 30-70,000 thoughts a day and 70% of these are the same or similar thoughts. Our thoughts can have a huge effect on the physical body, the body and mind are so closely linked. As well as teaching us to be more aware of our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, mindfulness teaches us coping strategies to turn to in stressful moments. It brings an awareness of our habitual thought patterns, accepting them as just that “thought pattens’.