I’m a Brighton nutritionist who’s been practicing nutritional therapy for over 11 years. I’m registered with BANT and CNHC and have a BSc in Nutritional Medicine. My areas of specialism are women’s hormone health, especially menopause, plus new motherhood nutrition (for mama and baby!). I like to think I’m of help at every stage of womanhood – including our children’s health, as I run a children’s clinic too. I also run corporate wellbeing sessions and regularly run day retreats.

During a one to one hour consultation I assess your dietary needs and create a programme that is individual to you. To help you overcome barriers to change and to bring you long term health benefits. There is so much mis information out there so I always provide clear, evidence based advice.

I run a specialist natural menopause clinic to help women with menopause symptoms. Addressing what foods are key to combating particular symptoms and to bring us back to an even keel. These include hot flushes, anxiety, insomnia and low mood through food interventions. Find out how food (and supplements) can change how we go through menopause so that we can cherish this time of progression, referred to in the East as the time of a defined mental outlook – or ‘fui she mi’ in Japanese. If you’d like more details on my natural menopause clinic then click here.

I also run regular day retreats at The Ginger Pig and Tilton House.

1 hour consultation with a tailored programme specific to your health needs – £245

3 x 1 hour consultations including a tailored programme and 2 x follow ups – £395

6 x 1 hour consultations including a tailored programme and 5 x follow ups – £660

As part of these packages you are also able to do my gentle 14 Day Cleanse. My Cleanse is designed to stop cravings, help combat foggy head, improve skin and hair, rebalance your palette so you don’t crave sugar, plus getting rid of that stubborn weight loss. The Cleanse comes with menu plans, there is an option for an addtional liver cleanse supplement, shopping lists as well as a check in and check out with myself. We track your energy, weight, sleep, digestion, mood, stress tolerance and general feeling of wellbeing.

To arrange a consultation over zoom, send me an email: karen@karennewby.com

Karen Newby, BSc Nutritional Medicine, MBANT, CNHC