Lab Testing

Here is a summary of some of the frequent tests I run in my practice (please note that testing is not an obgligatory requirement to the consultation):

Nutrigenomics testing – LifecodeGX

Is the way your body is responding to menopause in part down to your biological blueprint? A fascinating way to pinpoint how your genetic variants or polymorphisms / SNPs affect your health and how they can be mitigated through food and lifestyle. Are there genetic reasons why you have problems sleeping or suffer with anxiety? Are you a slow or fast metaboliser of caffeine, do you have a higher propencity for lactose intolerance, do your SNPs make vitamin D absorption less efficient, how do your SNPs effect appetite, your stress response, susceptability to infection and oestrogen detoxification? Here are some of reports that can be done:

Nutrient Core Report – This test analyses how gene variants can affect food tolerance (and intolerance), appetite control and blood sugar balance, vitamin and mineral needs, detoxification ability, and susceptibility to inflammation and infection.

Hormone Report – This test analyses genes involved in the regulation, synthesis, signalling, transport and metabolism of stress and sex hormones.

Nervous System Report – It analyses gene variants that impact serotonin (contentment) and melatonin (sleep), dopamine (motivation), noradrenaline and adrenaline (fight or flight); glutamate (the major excitatory neurotransmitter); GABA (the major inhibitory neurotransmitter) which is critical for relaxation; and endoCannabinoids (AEA/ anandamide) which regulate other neurotransmitters.

Detoxifcation Report – This report looks at key genes involved in liver detoxifcation and highlights personalised nutritional support required to optimise detoxification.

Metabolics Report – Looks at the genes that can powerfully influence key pathways looking at appetite regulation, nutrient sensing, sugar and fat metabolism, cholesterol and bile, mitochondria and inflammation.

Histamine Report – The Histamine Intolerance test analyses the genes and nutrients needed to breakdown and remove histamine, showing where disruptions occur and how to support optimal function.

Methylation Report – Methylation is the process of adding methyl groups, consisting of one carbon and three hydrogen atoms, to other molecules. It is involved in almost every metabolic process in the body, occurring billions of times every second in our cells and contributing to numerous crucial functions.

Invivo GI Effects is a gut microbiome and stool test which looks at digestive markers, inflammatory markers, yeasts and parasites, bacteria and imbalances in gut microflora.