Corporate Wellbeing

All my corproate sessions can be run as webinars or in person. Sessions are wide reaching and include some of my favourite topics: why diets don’t work, foods for mental wellbeing including depression and anxiety, foods to help combat emotional eating, foods to help us become more stress resilient and we are what we digest not what we eat!

I also run specialist menopause sessions which can be a 1 off session or I have designed a series of 5 sessions to deep dive into what is going on and how therapeutic foods and lifestyle interventions can help combat symptoms. I also run sessions on women’s health pre menopause: How to Harness The Power of Your Cycle is a session that looks at how our monthly cycle works, the advantages of cycle mapping and some key factors which can cause this delicate system to become out of balance.

I used to work in advertising so I understand the demands of corporate life, hence why my sessions are always very solutions orientated for however low our bandwidth. My wellbeing sessions aim to improve company happiness, vitality and productivity through the power of food. My corporate wellbeing programmes have been designed with the busy work day in mind. I pack as much nutritional intel on a given topic into 1 hour to minimise precious time and work/life commitments. Here are some of the clients I currently work with:

Stephanie, HR Portland PR

“Karen has been coming to our office in London to speak with our staff about healthier snack options, cooking on a budget and eating the right foods to help increase our energy levels. The sessions have been fantastic and our staff have really engaged with them. We are looking forward to Karen returning again with more useful nutritional info!”

Ew – Teads.TV

“Karen is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. She came to our office to speak with employees about healthier snacking alternatives and their benefits. Everyone that attended the session felt inspired and requested that we bring Karen back as a regular part of our wellness initiative. Overall, Karen is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Lizzie Boyd, People and Culture Manager, Brilliant Noise

“Karen visited us for a learning lunch session at Brilliant Noise HQ as part of our corporate wellbeing programme. It was excellent! Informative, inspiring, interactive, and most importantly – in human terms. Karen has a great way of explaining complex behaviours and sciences in an accessible way that meant we all took away heaps of information. We were also provided with a handy cheat sheet and food ideas after the session. As a result of just one hour with Karen, we’ve already made huge changes to how we look at wellness in the office, with many people reporting improvement in their day to day energy and wellbeing. ”

For more details on my approach to nutrition click here and to request my corporate wellbeing programme menu, send me a message here.