90 Day Midlife Reset

Welcome to my 90 day reset designed to help you find a renewed sense of vitality at midlife! I love the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of Yang Sheng – Live well, live long. Why should we compromise this at peri menopause and beyond?

My 90 Day Midlife Reset will help you experience:

  • Less severe peri menopause symptoms
  • Weight loss (especially around the middle)
  • More energy
  • Greater lifeload tolerance
  • Less mood swings
  • Less cravings
  • Restorative sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Better skin, stronger hair and nails
  • A reconnection with cooking
  • A kitchen and supplement overhaul

My approach

It’s all about REALISITIC shifts. You will still be able to function in the real world I promise! The focus is on allowing yourself to make change that benefits you. Just you. No one else. I know that’s a weird concept for us to get around as women, but this is about putting yourself first – even for just the first hour of the day.….!

It includes a tailored programme and 6 coaching sessions to help you balance your hormones at peri menopause, lose weight, sleep better, gain back that lost energy or feel more on an even keel (…or all of these!) Using my 11 years of nutritional therapy experience I will help you bring about meaningful change, and overcome barriers.

Our 24/7 lifestyle means that we have no time, minimal bandwidth and are often so frazzled we have no idea how to stay one step ahead of our cravings or what to cook. Healthful food doesn’t have to be All my sessions are I’m a big believer that small changes can make big differences and are more likely to be sustainable over the long term. I am also a realistic and always fit in with my patient’s lifestyle. Small changes create a ripple effect that helps to make change easier in other areas too.

I am a therapist too, so this is kind of part therapy / part coaching…. I always work with your individual health needs, lifestyle to help behaviour change. This doesn’t happen overnight (especially when you factor in our lifeload) but it will happen gradually. Small changes start to happen such as waking up refreshed or getting quite so irritable with your children (mmm maybe not!) but these small ripples of change start to have knock on effects I promise. I am registered nutritionist with BANT and CNHC and have been in private practice for 11 years. I specialise in women’s hormone health in particular at peri menopause.

Programme Format

It covers 6 nutritional therapy coaching sessions over 90 days. The sessions are provided online via zoom and can fit in around your week. During the first session which lasts an hour, we talk through your unique health needs and I write an initial programme for you. Then through the further 5 x 60 minutes sessions we dig deeper into topics relevant to you. Topics covered in the 1-2-1s include:

  • Reset: after our initial session I will create a programme that is unique to you and your health needs to start the Reset
  • Why diets don’t work – how to lose weight especially around the middle without the need for calorie counting
  • Stress resilience – foods to help blunt the stress response so we can adapt to what life throws at us!
  • The impact of caffeine, sugar, processed foods and alcohol on sleep, energy, our gut and our weight (especially stubborn weight round the middle)
  • Emotional eating and ways to feel more on an even keel
  • How to become a Mindful Eater
  • We are what we digest – how to optimise digestion
  • Sleep hygiene – sleep rituals to help get us into rest and repair mode
  • Menu planning–weekly food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and links to recipes via the free Whisk app which allows you to create shopping lists and add to your weekly online shop. I also link with food delivery services like The Mindful Chef and Gousto to tailor their menu to you too.
  • Kitchen cupboard refresh – for you and your household too!
  • Hormone balancing – how to get rid of hormone disruptors including xenooestrogens in our kitchen utensils and beauty products!
  • Understanding food labels to help you shop smart
  • The benefits of fasting on insulin sensitivity and weight loss
  • How to eat sustainably
  • How to eat more plants
  • How to read food labels to help you shop smarter

What you’ll experience:

  • Knowledge is power! I will pass onto you my 11+ years of experience working with 1,000s of patients
  • A kitchen clear out and changing up what’s out on display
  • Understanding of blood sugar balance and how sugar and caffeine create cravings
  • How to stay one step ahead of emotional eating
  • Feeling more vital and seeing change in your skin, your moods, your weight round the middle and your energy levels
  • Weekly coaching and food diary check ins – no marks out of 10 I promise! Just helpful ways to optimise your choices the following week
  • Stress resilience through food – stress can be a positive force if we can adapt to it!

Why choose this programme?

The programme is particularly useful for longterm weight loss without the need to calrioe count I promise! The 90 days allows gradual weight loss to occur without dieting. Diet’s don’t work and set us up for feeling like a failure or guilt when we vere off this very restrictive and unrealistic path. My approach is about kick starting our metalolic rate and help to improve energy levels byflooding the body with micronutrients. The more energy we have the more likely you are to want to exercise – the weight loss ripple effect happens. Part of this programme will also address emotional eating as well as caffeine and alcohol. Realistic goal setting so that long term sustainable change can happen.