Start your midlife re-wire with my gentle 14 Day Cleanse. This is a great way to start your weight loss journey – and first to go is that stubborn weight gain round the middle. The Cleanse is designed to stop cravings, help combat foggy head, improve skin and hair, rebalance your palette so you don’t crave sugar, plus getting rid of that stubborn weight loss. The Cleanse comes with menu plans, a liver cleanse supplement, shopping lists as well as a check in and check out with myself. We track your energy, weight, sleep, digestion, mood, stress tolerance and general feeling of wellbeing.

Here are some quotes from recent clients who have recently finished the Cleanse: 

“I have stayed off caffeine. This has been life changing, as has the Cleanse. It has changed lifelong habits I had acquired and helped to rewire my brain to some extent and identify where I needed to change.” 

“I feel very happy, energetic, calm and motivated. Brain fog is much better too.” 

“The good news is that 7lbs have disappeared!”

Email me at karen@karennewby.com for all the details.