How to break habits (however overwhelmed you are)

How many of us:

…Wake up EXHAUSTED so reach for caffeine
…Skip breakfast (not hungry because eaten too late the night before)
…Crash mid morning (more caffeine. Snacks)
…Eat lunch on the run (often a sad sandwich)
…Major energy slump at 3pm (more snacks and caffeine)
…Eat late (due to lots of snacking in the afternoon as not that hungry)
…Stay up late (so much to do – suddenly get a clarity of thought at 9pm that hasn’t been there all day!)
…Go to bed late (wired and tired, can’t sleep)
…Wake up and repeat…

We are even MORE FRAZZLED and overwhelmed at perimneopause and change feels impossible. This is due to oestrogen and progesterones neural effects on happiness and motivation.

This is why for all my clients I focus in on the first hour of the day….to help rewire our neural networks to help get a better outcome tomorrow.

Hot water and lemon on waking.
Eat breakfast (ideally protein rich – eggs, avo, tomatoes and mushrooms, high protein granola – watch out for any with dried fruit or Jordans which is mega high in sugar).
Take your supplements (have by the kettle so you don’t forget)
Caffeine only with breakfast.

See if this works!