My Online Retreat is now live!

Hugely excited to annouce that my online retreat has now launched and it in full swing! It’s an annual Retreat from the comfort of your own home with talks by me on lots of different topics in the Retreat Library and downloadable PDFs to track symptoms and to fill out food diaries.

There are also Monthly Clinics which are live and deep dive into different topics such as Do We Need to Supplement? And Why Diet’s Don’t Work at Menopause, where I deep dive into topics and answer all your questions. There are also guest speakers which have so far included The Mindful Cook Josie Jones who has done a brilliant session ‘How your emotional needs influence your eating habits’ and fitness instructor Kate Rowe-Ham who did a training session for us. There is also a Retreat Forum where I answer all your queries along the way too and even a virtual retreat gift bag.

There are also bonus programmes such as January’s 31 Days of Nourishment where I have put together a menu plan for the month and lots of tips for breakfast and lunch.

My aim is to help you feel more in control of your menopause journey whether you’re on HRT or not, and to feel more like yourself again. And all for £67 for a year’s access.

All the details can be found here.