NEW The Natural Menopause Method Online Retreat


Enjoy a year long retreat learning about what is going on in your body at menopause and how food and simple lifestyle shifts can help support your journey. The course is designed to help you:

learn how to feel more in control of what’s going at menopause and how small food and lifestyle shifts can help

learn how to feel more energised, more grounded and more like yourself again

and get one step ahead of food cravings and kick start sustainable weight loss

There are also simple, non diet and realistic approaches to what to eat and lots of PDFs that can be downloaded. Included is a monthly troubleshooting Clinic with me where I deep dive into symptoms and topics like supplements and answer all your questions and a Q&A Retreat Forum so I can answer queries as you go through the content. There are special guest workshops too.

The cost is £67 for a year’s access to all the content.




My Natural Menopause Method Online Retreat is now live!
It is an annual Retreat from the comfort of your own home with lots of talks by me on lots of different topics as well as 12 monthly Clinics where I deep dive into symptoms and answer all your questions. There is also a Retreat Forum where I answer your queries along the way too and lots of downloadable PDFs. There will also be some special guest presenters too! The first is Josie Jones, The Mindful Cook who runs a session called “How your emotional needs infuence your eating habits”.
My aim is to help you feel more in control of your menopause journey whether you’re on HRT or not, and to feel more like yourself again.