Eat as the path of the sun!

This quote falls just before my Eat section in my book. Thank you Virginia for your sound advice.

For most of us we dine well in the evening …but during the day our food choices are often rather reactionary and low in vitality/ rather beige. After our evening meal we often get a second wind. We feel focussed for the first time that day. We have energy for the first time that day too.

I often say to clients ‘how different would you feel if you had your evening meal at the start the day?’

Breakfast and lunch are even more important than our evening dining. They are crucial to flood our body with micronutrients to help us ‘go better’ during the day. To give us energy when we need it, not at the end of the day.

If you don’t feel hungry on waking then my top tip is to eat your evening meal earlier.

Eat as the path of the sun!