The Natural Menopause Method Day Retreat – 7th June 2024, Soho House Brighton


Friday 7th June, 2024, Soho House Beach House Brighton, Jersey Private Meeting Room, 930am for a 10am start to 3pm.

During the Day Retreat, I’ll share lots of realistic, practical tips and small shifts that can easily be encorporated into your day. My focus for the day is always to help women feel more in control of what’s going on and to help us listen to our body more, coupled with easy attainable small steps to create a re-wiring of old habits. To help nourish ourselves again whether we’re pre or post menopause.

I’m very much a complementary pracitioner and work alongside women on HRT or those that choose the natural route.

I will be focusing on WHY we suffer with symptoms such as hot flushes, low mood, irritability, weight gain (especially round the middle), anxiety, brain fog and low libido. And the HOW to get back into balance.

You will learn how to feel more energised, more grounded and how to get started with small shifts that make all the difference.

The Retreat includes a beautiful plant based energising lunch and a gift bag with some of my favourite supplements and foods inside for some take home nourishment. It also includes a copy of my book: The Natural Menopause Method: a nutritonal guide to perimenopause and beyond

Some past guest comments:

Your knowledge and sensible approach to nutrition was so inspiring! Never saying you can’t have this or that, but concentrating on the helpful food more.

“I had a great time at the Retreat. The content of the course and the support from the book have given me a lot to think about that I know it will be invaluable.”

It was such a fabulous day thank you so much Karen. So much brilliant information and suggestions on things to try. I have come away fired up to make changes and to add things in to help with this stage of life. Just brilliant



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The Day Retreat will include:

What is going on at perimenopause?

How to feel less overwhelmed

How to combat weight around the middle and curb cravings

How to support our digestive system – we are what we digest after all!

How to support two very important hormone balancing organs: the liver and the gut

How to sleep better

What to eat – the menopause shopping list

I will also be troubleshooting some common issues I see in practice such as hot flushes, aches and pains, anxiety, low libido and brain fog.

Friday 7th June, 2024, Soho House Beach House Brighton, Jersey Private Meeting Room, 930am for a 10am start to 3pm.